Exellios – Advanced M2M IoT

Exellios specializes in M2M technology. We are one of the industry’s only comprehensive solutions developers of custom M2M technologies. This includes hardware, software, networking and connectivity.

Reduce operating and maintenance costs of remote devices, by leveraging our custom M2M, and wireless sensor network solutions. Exellios is a world-wide supplier of automation technology and the performance. Our aim: maximized productivity and competitiveness for our customers.

We help OEMs design and custom develop M2M solutions that meets the specific requirements of their industry regulations, device configurations, environmental conditions, data accessibility and end-user needs. Our solutions include wireless sensor network and embedded system architecture; connected device development and manufacturing; wireless M2M software application development; mobile Internet connectivity; and robust business intelligence tools.

The management of Exellios is led by the CEOs Javieer Barrera , Alejandro Romero,  It is a special feature that both co-CEOS are also the founders of Exellios. They are listed here together with the other strategic positions in the company.

Javier Barrera, has 20 years of diverse experience in high-tech services, RF, and telecommunications. Working as a web developer and technical support Dial Up Terra Networks in 1997, a company of belgium CoreDrill, drilling equipment manufacturer, as director of information technology in 1993. He is founder and CEO of Jaba Satellite Engineering  [ JabaSat.com ] a company of communications via satellite [SatCom] services and manufacturing solutions to critical situations and disaster recovery, support mobile connectivity across land, sea and air, providing high-speed broadband access anywhere in the world. Since 2000, he managed the company’s strategy of technology, engineering workforce. He served as an important technology to contact government agencies in Mexico. J Barrera is a recognized expert in the RF industry, satellites and secure networks. Owner HarderBack [ Harderback.com ] dedicated to the protection provider logistic scrolling boxes made from polypropylene for industrial and military use.http://www.linkedin.com/in/javieer

Alejandro has 27 years of experience in the high tech industry, starting a the young age of 9 by giving conferences on Advanced Excel Macros, later on becoming the second youngest MS Systems Engineer in the world, achievement recognized by Bill Gates through a personal e-mail; after a successful career in Microsoft Redmond and receiving several honors including an MBA in technology Businesses, today Alejandro focuses on solving complex corporate, public security and government problems through applied technology using custom wireless protocols, Big Data analysis algorithms and innovative Sensor Data Acquisition hardware designs. Alejandro´s passion for technology and education is evidenced by his University professorship, lectures, articles and filed Patents. Other interests include the application of disruptive innovation based on Nature.https://www.linkedin.com/pub/alejandro-romero-vargas/9b/a39/970


Our Machine-to-Machine Technology Solutions Include Hardware, Software, Connectivity & Data Analytics. As a proven M2M and WSN industry expert, our OEM clients rely on us to develop complete solutions: from system and hardware design to software development and integration. Our solutions ensure interoperability among and between devices and the enterprise; integrity in data security, storage and back-up protocols; compatibility between applications; and reliable accessibility to machines, data and analytics. Our comprehensive M2M solutions include: